The Kismayo Microfinance Fair was an excellent opportunity for KIMS to showcase its commitment to supporting small businesses in the region. As one of the leading microfinance institutions in the area, KIMS is dedicated to providing financial assistance to small business owners who might otherwise struggle to access funding.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Business in Jubaland, and it was an honor for KIMS to be invited to participate. Alongside AECF organization, other finance institutions and local small business owners, we spent the day discussing the challenges facing small businesses in the region and exploring ways to improve support for this vital sector of the economy.

During the event, KIMS took the opportunity to showcase some of our success stories and highlight the impact our microfinance loans have had on the local community. We believe that access to finance is critical to the success of small businesses, and our loans have helped many entrepreneurs to grow and thrive.

We were particularly pleased to hear from some of the small business owners we have supported, who shared their experiences of working with KIMS. We were also proud to showcase some of the businesses that we have helped to grow.

Overall, the Kismayo Microfinance Fair was an excellent opportunity for KIMS to connect with the local business community and showcase our commitment to supporting small businesses. We believe that access to finance is essential for economic growth and development, and we remain committed to providing affordable and accessible loans to small business owners in the region. We look forward to participating in similar events in the future and continuing to support the growth of small businesses in Kismayo and beyond.