About KIMS Microfinance

KIMS is the Somalia market leader in the provision of sharia compliant microfinance services.

Since 2014 KIMS has provided $27 million to more than 27,000 micro and small-sized (MSME) clients.

KIMS has included diversification into non finance services such as financial literacy and business training that maximize the social impact of access to finance, provision to productive assets through solar home system loans and innovative use of mobile money in Somalia for managing repayment.

Mission, Vision & Objectives


To support small and micro entrepreneurs and individuals. especially women and youth, through East Africa to become self-reliant and improve their quality of life by providing high quality, diversified and sustainable financial services that meet their needs.


All vulnerable population in East Africa have access to financial services to become self – reliant.


By 2026 KIMS Microfinance will achieve the following business objectives: 

I.  ​Operational Objectives

II. Social Objectives 

Operational Objectives– 2026

Increase its active                                                              clients base to                                                                    25,000 MSEs                       

Provide cumulative                                                            financing to over                                                               80,000 MSEs

Provide cumulative                                                           financing totaling                                                               $USD 70 million  

Have an active                                                             portfolio of                                                                     $USD 27 million 

Social Objectives – 2026

Financial Inclusion

60,000 Somali entrepreneurs provided with first-time finance.

Job Creation

KIMS Microfinance financing will stimulate an estimated 80,000 new jobs.

Women's Empowerment

Half of all clients will be female  business owners.



Youth Employment

5,000 youth will be provided with start-up business support packages.

Financial Capability

50,000 clients will be provided with financial literacy training to improve their ability to make financial decisions.

Energy Access

At least 5,000 clients will be support to install solar home systems through KIMS Microfinance energy financing scheme.

Serving Vulnerable Groups

5,000 former refugees and internally displaced people will be provided with skills training and financial access.

Rural Outreach

40% of KIMS Microfinance clients will be from rural areas.


KIMS Microfinance

KIMS is the Somalia market leader in the provision of sharia-compliant microfinance services.



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