In 2016, the port city of Kismayo received more than 25,000 refugees who returned to Somali from Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.

Since 2015, 75,000 refugees have returned to Somalia from refugee camps in Kenya. A significant number of these refugees have come to the port city of Kismayo.

These returnees are in dire need of shelter, health, education, protection and livelihoods support. Youth are particularly vulnerable in this environment and a lack of support leaves them at risk of being recruited in militia groups or criminal activities or to consider leaving the country once again in search of economic opportunities.

Working closely with UNHCR and the American Refugee Committee (ARC), as well as with support of the German Development Cooperation (GIZ), KIMS Microfinance is providing financing support to the fisheries sector in Kismayo including loans to fisheries cooperatives, fisheries related businesses such as boat building and repair, netmaking, fish processing, packing and distribution.

Through these loans KIMS has facilitated the hiring of an additional 400 returnee youth into the growing fisheries sector.