Born in Kismayo, Ikran was forced by war to flee her home and resettle in Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. After seven years Ikran was able to return to Kismayo.

“I now have a reliable income”.​ – Ikran

As work was scarce, Ikran was doomed to end up with an unsuitable and/ or dangerous job. After successfully applying for a $800 loan from KIMS, Ikran bought sheets of tin to built a shop, shelves to stock dates, cosmetics, soups, and pasta, and a freezer in order to sell ice cream.

Her shop provides her with enough money to pay for her children’s food and schooling. Ikran makes regular repayments on her loan, and is now looking to qualify for a second, larger loan, which will enable her to increase her stock and serve even more customers. Ikran, is one of more than 1,000 refugee returnees that KIMS has supported into sustainable livelihoods in Somalia.