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We are company that offer microfinance services

Financial Support

For more than eight years, KIMS microfinance has provided opportunities for poor families to gradually lift themselves out of poverty.

Business Training

KIMS Microfinance provides business skills training to all its clients via its loan officers. These skills include support to bookkeeping.

Business Consultancy

KIMS Microfinance provides financial literacy advice to all its clients via its loan officers. The advice enables the clients to productive.

Job creation

KIMS had created jobs for more than ten thousand families. Currently, the number of job created is increasing and the majority of the beneficiaries are youth and women.

KIMS Microfinance

KIMS is the Somalia market leader in the provision of sharia-compliant microfinance services.



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Hargeisa HQ,
Burji Omaar building,
Main Road, Downtown,
Hargeisa, Somaliland