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KIMS held youth Enterprise Initiative investment winners event


Kaah Islamic Microfinance Services  held events in Maansoor at Thurday 4th February 2016. KIMS announced  the 7 investment winners in KIMS plus project.  Civil society organizations including Youth organization, Government officers, and business leaders attended in the event.

KIMS Chief Executive Director Mr. Abdillahi Awad opened the events and welcome to everyone in the event.   Mr Abdullahi congratulated the winners and expressed how the  slectikon process   has been finalised.   Mr Abdullahi stated said: “ I would like to thank all the applicants whom showed interest and applied this investment but  did not got opportunity to attend the business training.  I would like also to thank all those applicants  attended the training but not get opportunity to receive this investment.

Minister of Trade and International Investment was guest of honor. The Minister held speech and thanked both KIMS and Shaqadoon for their hard working in promoting youth empowerment through entrepreneurship.  

The minster encouraged other financial institutions to follow same steps and applied to provide investment opportunities to the Youth.

Ahmed Ali from Shaqadoon Organization expressed the importance for the project Youth Enterprise Imitative. MrAli told that Shaqadoon was the part of process and we provided the business development training.  Mr Ali stated that Shaqadoon will continue to coach and supervise the winners to achieve their business goals.


Sahara Mohamed and Qani Abdi were also among the guest speakers and both informed that they are customers and beneficiaries of KIM’s microcredit investment . They encourage also young females to come up and make benefit the current investment opportunities available by Kims and other financial institutions.

Finally KIMS  announced and introduced the seven winners   KIMS plus.


The winners list are following:

  1. Abdirisaaq Ahmed Abdi, Nadifo Soap  Comp
  2. Ayanle Saleban Ahmed, Maanjire Health cent
  3. Suaad Mohamed Ismail $ Fahima M Hussein
  4. Sacda Cali Ibraahin $ Ayaan Mohamed Ali , S and A Fabrics,

5. Maxamed A/karim Mohamed,  Waddani Sorghum Flour Mill

6. Abdinasir Ahmed Iman, Iman Technology Center

7. Eid Hassan Mohamed, Guleid Shop Center

The each of 7 winners held also short speeches and expressed their feeling related the events and told that they are happy to became winner of this investment, they thanked KIMS company that provide this investment and Shaqadoon organization gave the training.




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