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LaunchingEntrepreneurship Boot Camp Training or 30 Youth Entrepreneurs in Mogadishu

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LaunchingEntrepreneurship Boot Camp Training or 30 Youth Entrepreneurs in Mogadishu

December 14th, 2015

ShaqodoonOrganization in partnership with KaahIslamic Microfinance Services [KIMS] and Micro-Dahabsuccessfully launched Entrepreneurship Boot Camp training for thirty youth entrepreneurs in Mogadishu under YouthEnterprise Initiative [YEI] in Mogadishu on Monday, December 14th, 2015 at Hope University compound in Mogadishu. Prior to launching, Shaqodoon arranged for securing appropriate environment for learning and accessible to youth trainees as well.

Shaqodoon’s Build Your Business [BYB] training commenced with an introductory meeting for the first day alongside with M-Dahab and KIMS to introduce the trainees about the program to ensure that they fully comprehend and aware of the investment processes/lifecycles, requirements, and training schedule. The meeting also included Questions and Answers session where representatives from Consortium partners i.e. Shaqodoon, KIMS and M-Dahab who participated in the meeting have demonstrated the terms of the initiative particularly those relating to investment processes/financing. There was a lot of queries, suggestions and comments raised by the trainee mainly concerning loan procedures, loan repayment, training schedule and investment processes.


Twenty youth trainees attended the first day induction meeting, but fortunately expecting that all shortlisted candidates will be able to attend the trainings for the upcoming days. Shaqodoon will continue contacting them on daily basis to recognize their availability and attendance to the training.

However, at the end the trainees suggested to conduct the training in the evening on Mondays to Wednesdays of each weak at 3-5 PM local time.





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