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Somaliland Kaah Islamic Microfinance Services KIMS luanched

HARGEISA-Kaah, a leader in modern remittance firms has on Wednesday unveiled an unprecedented brand new project labeled as in Hargeisa.

The microfinance is project aimed at providing loans to civilians in a bid to create self employment and the plan in place is that they will pay back the loan.


Ceremony organized by Kaah to officially announce that it has launched the project has invited the Vice President Hon Abdirahman Abdilahi Saylici, cabinet ministers in Silanyo regime, chamber of commerce were in attendance.

Kaah General Manager Hon Hassan Awad who has made the opening remarks at the venue has firmly stated that the project is quite important for the underprivileged members of the community.

He said that the country to reach development it is a must to have economic which are related to each other.

Country’s Vice President Mr. Abdirahman Saylici speaking at the venue has thanked Kaah and further reiterated that the project will play a crucial role in improving the standard of living of citizens.

H stressed that the country is thirsty of such microfinance projects that can assist neglected members of the community who are being left behind.

The VP has stressed such projects will spur economic growth and create much needed employment opportunity for the youth.

Daneilworthsworth, CEO of American Refugee Committee that has working relations with Kaah urge the members of society to exploit such projects.

Chairman of Somaliland chamber of commerce Hon Mohamed Shukri has called on Kaah to have the patience if they encounter any barriers during the implementation of the project.


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