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About KIMS

Kaah Express is a leading international Money Service Business (MSB) that serves Somalia. It has an extensive network of agents worldwide, as well as a fully developed network of branches and agents in Somalia, enabling the provision of money transfer services in virtually all cities, towns and larger villages across the Somali territories. Kaah Express operates in more than 40 countries, serving the tune of hunderd thousand clients a month and supporting the transfer of millions of US dollars a year. The vast majority of which flows from the global Somali diaspora back to Somalia.

The recent microfinance market studies carried out by KIMS consortium shows that less than 5% of the market demand for microfinance is currently being met in the Somali territories.This represents over 2 million potential enterprise credit clients and hundreds ofmillions of dollars in financing required. Upwards of 60% of these potential customers are either existing or potential micro-entrepreneurs aged 18-35 To meet this huge unmet demand, an innovative private-public partnership model has been developed to enable Kaah to expand its current services to include sharia-compliant microfinance via a new spin-off company – “Kaah Islamic Microfinance Services” (KIMS). KIMS was established in March 2013 as the first microfinance service institution in the Somalia/Somaliland. It aims to provide a diversified set of commercially viable Islamic financial services to meet the unmet demand for Microfinance and reduce poverty in the region. KIMS prioritizes enterprise financing through Sharia compliant products but also creates savings and insurance products to meet community needs with particular attention to women and youth.

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